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Discipline Policy

Constructive Discipline Policy

Section 1.
Discipline is an exercise of Scriptural Authority for which the church is responsible. The aims of discipline are that God may be honored, that the purity and welfare of the Christian ministry may be maintained, and that those under disciplinary action may be brought to repentance and restoration.

Discipline is to be administered for the restoration of any member, thus fully providing for the protection of the spiritual welfare of Revival Ministries International Evangelistic Association Inc. and its affiliates. It is to be redemptive in nature as well as corrective and to be exercised as under a dispensation of mercy.

Section 2.
Violations of any rules of the Ministry or any rules set forth in the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws or violation of any Biblical standards, upon which all of the following violations are based, may give cause to discipline up to and including disfellowship or removal from membership of the Ministry. Violation, giving rise to disciplinary action include, but are not limited to the following.
a. General inefficiency as a member of the Ministry.
b. A failure to represent the Evangelical Christian testimony correctly.
c. A contentious or non-cooperative spirit.
d. An assumption of dictatorial authority over any activity of the church or Ministry.
e. Rebellion: An arbitrary rejection of RMIEA's leadership counsel.
f. A habit of running into dept which brings reproach upon the Ministry.
g. Any moral failure involving sexual misconduct.
h. Any moral or ethical failure other than sexual misconduct.
i. Theft, stealing or the taking of another's property or service.
j. Participation in or support of any homosexual or lesbian relationship, or the homosexual agenda.
k. Failure to remit tithes and dues or fees as required.
l. Fighting or involvement in physical conflict of any kind except for self defense of others in immediate danger.
m. Pedophile behavior.

Section 3.
It is the intent of the Board of Directors that the procedures for the administration (it disciplinary action be fair and reasonable and that all relevant facts be considered). The rules for disciplinary action are as follows:
1. Any charges presented against an RMIEA member must he supported in writing by two or more witnesses or made by criminal complaint. Any charges, other than those made by criminal complaint must be signed by the one(s) bringing the accusation to settle the matter locally.
2. A Constructive Discipline Committee may he appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors to investigate said charges and attempt to settle the matter locally. The decision of the Constructive Discipline Committee shall he final subject only to ratification by the Board of Directors. If the Chairman or the Board does not choose to appoint a separate Constructive Discipline Committee, the charges shall be referred directly to the Board of Directors, which is empowered to take final action and revoke credential and remove from the Pastorate, within the authority as described in the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws.

Section 4.
It is our belief that the Scriptures give a clear pattern to follow (Galatians 6.1: and Thessalonians 3:14-IT Matthew 18:15-17) with genuine compassion and positive actions wherever possible designed to assist in the restoration process for a member who has been wounded by sin or other error.

Section 5.
Disciplinary actions should be taken in private by the Constructive Discipline Committee of Board of Directors. Results of disciplinary action may be communicated to all other RMIEA members (the "church particular') and even the world wide Body of Christ. Charges considered far possible discipline shall only he proceeded within confrontational setting with the complainant facing the alleged offending RMIEA member in the presence of the Constructive Discipline Committee. At such settings, both complainant and alleged offender may bring up to two Christians of their choice to participate. Failure of the alleged offender to attend and participate shall be grounds for removal for rebellion.

Section 6.
Upon receiving discipline from the Constructive Discipline Committee or Board of' Directors, a member may not apply for a letter of transfer or recommendation while under disciplinary action. If member refuses to submit to discipline by the appropriate authority, If gross negligence or disobedience to the Ministry doctrine or tenets has been proven, that member may be disfellowshipped and their name dropped from the membership roster (II Thessalonians 3:11-15; I Corinthians 5:9-13).

Section 7.
If a member continues to fellowship with one who has been disfellowshipped from RMIEA that member may be disciplined by the appropriate authority and if fellowship continues between the disciplined member and the disfellowshipped one, the disciplined member may also be disfellowshipped.

Section 8.
All members understand that all disputes are to be resolved by internal procedures. Therefore, each member fully waives any and all rights of every kind heard by any administrative agency and/or court of law and/or equity,

I agree to the above policy:

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